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Author Brenda Bercun and her FamilyBrenda Bercun is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Child and Family Mental Health, as well as mommy of two.

During the early years of parenting Brenda discovered something that changed the course of her children's budding relationship. At first she tried to be everything to each child, thinking that she would avoid sibling rivalry. After time she discovered that she was missing an important link. She realized that she needed to put more effort into promoting the relationship between them instead of her being everything to each of them. This link helped her see the importance of parental involvement in promoting better sibling relationships. She started celebrating them as brother and sister. She pointed out to her older son that his sister loved and adored him; that she watched and learned from him; that he was very special to her and how lucky she was to have him. When her daughter would imitate her son, she would point it out to him. He was his sister’s teacher. His sister’s achievements were in part due to what she was learning from him. Celebrating her also meant celebrating him.

When Brenda saw the positive effects of this approach, she brought this teaching into her professional practice. She successfully began to provide interactive play with parents and their toddlers who were about to become older siblings. The object was to help the family understand the older sibling's very important role in the family and set a positive foundation. The relationships between siblings are as rich as the individuals. Some sibling relationships develop well on their own. Others need to be guided and molded. Children need to know and feel that they are contributors to each other and the family. Celebrating a child's accomplishments is a part of celebrating the family.

Brenda wrote I’m Going to Be a Big Sister! and I’m Going to Be a Big Brother! drawing on her work in supporting families as they grow and change. These books include accompanying children's songs (MP3's), “Watch Me Baby, Watch Your Sister” and “Watch Me Baby, Watch Your Brother” (available on her website, YourNextBaby.com). Brenda’s hope and intention are for families to use these books as a vehicle to promote strong sibling and family relationships, while minimizing the negative effects of sibling rivalry. Her children's books, and children's songs make wonderful gifts for children and parents who are getting ready to welcome and love another a new member of their family.

Brenda Bercun

Dedicated to creating healthy, functioning families

Brenda Bercun, PNP, CNS, MSN has over 30 years of extensive professional experience as a pediatric nurse, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Child and Family Mental Health, working with parents and children in various healthcare settings. She has 25 years of experience as a mom. In addition to being a children’s book author, creating healthy, functioning families of all types is Brenda’s professional mission. She understands and supports the principle that healthy families create healthy communities and societies.

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