Keeping Your Older Child Engaged During Nursing


Nursing or feeding your infant is a special bonding time. If you have an older child though, it can be the hardest time to stay present. These emotions are normal and you may just need a little creativity to solve this problem.

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Purifying your Home


Unfortunately in today's world our environments are saturated in toxicity. From our air, to our cleaning supplies, and even our furniture can be laden with chemicals. The fact is, if we aren't taking steps to purify our environments then we are consuming harmful chemicals. Many of us are conscious of the toxicity in our bodies, [...]

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The Benefits of Cooking with Your Kids


In a world where the average family barely has time to make dinner, it may seem like a whole lot of extra work to have your children join in. At first it very well may be, but teaching our children the importance of home cooking far outweighs the extra patience we may need. Having your [...]

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Safe Hand Washing


In the first days, weeks, and months of your baby's life you are trying to protect them from the germs around them in the world, while they build antibodies and strengthen their immune system. The easiest way to prevent germs spreading, specifically infectious illnesss and disease, is by proper hand washing. Whether or not you are [...]

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Older Sibling Gift Giving


  One great way to form an instant connection, especially for a young child, is to share a gift. Helping your child pick out a gift for the new baby will give them a sense of pride, generosity and ownership of this new budding sibling relationship. In addition, it is nice to pick something out to [...]

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Teaching your Little One About Baby’s Facial Expression


 Photo via Pinterest Depending on the age of your first child, they may still be learning to understand and decode emotions and facial expression. If they are already verbal, they are probably very eager to communicate with their new brother or sister. While they are going to have to wait a little while to have [...]

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Reading Newborn Facial Expressions


The first days, weeks, and couple of months with your newborn baby are sure to be a blur with many new experiences. During that time you are learning about your baby, as they are learning about you and the world around them. It may take you sometime to get into a rhythm and understand their [...]

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Awareness of Electromagnetic Fields


Photo via Digital Baby Blog We recently discussed how the use of technology around your infants or children may affect them in a psychological way, but we are also really interested in how the use of technology and exposure to EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) and EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) affects us is a physiological way. While the research [...]

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A Balancing Act: Technology and Parenting


Photo via TheBabyPost We are surrounded by technology in all aspects of our lives these days. As you read this article here, you are engaging with technology, whether it's your phone, tablet or computer. Technology has developed so quickly and taken over our lives rapidly, meaning research is limited and constantly emerging on the effects, [...]

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Preparing Boys To Be a Big Brother. Let’s step it up!


As we discussed in our previous post, we are consistently selling more of the Big Sister book versus the Big Brother book. We also noticed that authors of similar books, geared towards families preparing for their next baby, are selling more books for sisters than for brothers. This led us to the question, were families more [...]

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