Big Sister Book Sales Out Number Big Brother Book Sales……Why?


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While keeping track of the book sales of “I’m Going to be a Big Brother” and “I’m Going to be a Big Sister” we have noticed a trend. The Sister book was outselling the Brother book consistently. Not only was that happening with with this book, it was happening with similar books by different authors. Books preparing our daughters for a new sibling were consistently out selling books written for our sons over and over again. Do parents take a different approach, whether they know it or not, in how they prepare their boys versus their girls when they are getting ready to expand the family?

As we began to dig deeper we found many articles out there that discussed how to prepare children for a new sibling. On more than one occasion, we found articles that talked much more about how to prepare a girl or used a girl as an anecdotal story or testimonial than it focused on boys, even though the titled did not mention one or the other. Looking at the basic information, it doesn’t look like there are more first born girls being born than first born boys. So what is driving the difference in sales  between books for big sisters and big brothers?

Many things came to mind. Are girls instantly more connected to the idea that mom is having a baby, because they are both female? Do we see girls more as caretakers and therefore see them taking a bigger role in the arrival of a new baby? Are girls considered more sensitive than boys and require more discussion and attention put towards this life transition? Are our daughters showing more interest in the new baby versus our sons? As we continue to watch the sales of our books, we are going to pay closer attention to what may be causing a difference. What is driving your approach in how you are preparing your first child for the birth of your second child? Did the gender of your child impact why you are making certain decisions on how to prepare your older child for the birth of your next baby?

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