Preparing Boys To Be a Big Brother. Let’s step it up!


As we discussed in our previous post, we are consistently selling more of the Big Sister book versus the Big Brother book. We also noticed that authors of similar books, geared towards families preparing for their next baby, are selling more books for sisters than for brothers. This led us to the question, were families more [...]

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Big Sister Book Sales Out Number Big Brother Book Sales……Why?


While keeping track of the book sales of “I’m Going to be a Big Brother” and “I’m Going to be a Big Sister” we have noticed a trend. The Sister book was outselling the Brother book consistently. Not only was that happening with with this book, it was happening with similar books by different authors. Books [...]

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Mommy’s Belly is Getting Bigger and Bigger


Your child may or may not notice your pregnant belly getting bigger and bigger, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. But having your child connect to your growing belly is a great way to promote a connection to his or her unborn brother or sister. In searching the Internet I found the site: [...]

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It’s Not Just a Big Belly; Learn as You Grow


In today’s modern age with technology at our fingertips there are many ways for you to learn and understand what is going on in that growing belly of yours. The more you understand the easier it will be to discuss some of this information with your older child so that he/she is also learning as [...]

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Wait, before you go…

Dont forget to check out our blog for the latest tips on Nurturing Your Children. Here are a few of the more recent entries:

Purifying your Home

Unfortunately in today’s world our environments are saturated in toxicity. From our air, to our cleaning supplies, and even our furniture can be laden with chemicals. The fact is, if we aren’t taking steps to purify our environments then we are consuming harmful chemicals. Many of us are conscious of the toxicity in our bodies, […]

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The Benefits of Cooking with Your Kids

In a world where the average family barely has time to make dinner, it may seem like a whole lot of extra work to have your children join in. At first it very well may be, but teaching our children the importance of home cooking far outweighs the extra patience we may need. Having your […]

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