Mommy’s Belly is Getting Bigger and Bigger


Your child may or may not notice your pregnant belly getting bigger and bigger, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. But having your child connect to your growing belly is a great way to promote a connection to his or her unborn brother or sister.

In searching the Internet I found the site:

This site has week-by-week artistic illustrations of the growing fetus. The illustrations are appealing to view as far as a growing fetus looks. An early developing fetus may be “weird” or “scary” looking to a child.

On this site, I especially like the interactive feature, which provides explanations on the weekly development of the fetus.

I also like the comparisons between the size of the fetus to the size of various fruits and vegetables.

Fetus week 10, the size of a kumquat, Baby Bump

Fetus week 10, the size of a kumquat, Baby Bump

Browsing this site you will find short, simple, informative videos with artistic illustrations on the fetus’s growth and development as well as information for the pregnant mother.

So how do you utilize today’s digital information for your family’s benefit in preparing for the welcoming of your new baby?

In my experience, the more information a parent is able to share regarding the growing fetus the better. I love the idea of being able to compare the size of a growing fetus to the size of a fruit or vegetable. Imagine being in the food market with your older child and being able to make that comparison. The child could hold the fruit or vegetable, which makes the size of his unborn baby brother or sister tangible.

Teaching the child about fetal development such as when its able to move its arms or legs, suck its thumb or hear, also promotes connection to the unborn baby.

When appropriate, take the older child to prenatal visits to hear the heart beat and perhaps see an ultrasound. This allows the child to experience a stronger connection because this is their actual unborn brother or sister.


Interesting and more expensive is the ability to have your 3D or 4D ultrasound printed on a 3D computer at

3D print from a 3D ultrasound

3D print from a 3D ultrasound

Or you could find a 3D printer near you by going to

Your child can then actually hold a plastic doll of their unborn sister or brother. What do you think about that?

What ever you do in promoting the concept of your expanding family, continue to show your support and enthusiasm for your child’s upcoming important new role in the family. How exciting it is that your child is going to have this opportunity!


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