Older Sibling Gift Giving


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One great way to form an instant connection, especially for a young child, is to share a gift. Helping your child pick out a gift for the new baby will give them a sense of pride, generosity and ownership of this new budding sibling relationship. In addition, it is nice to pick something out to give to your first child that is “from the baby”. Right away, this shows your first child that the relationship between siblings is reciprocal and they are both important parts to making it successful and enjoyable. The gifts don’t necessarily need to be something material, like a toy bought in a store, it can be something homemade or something with sentimental value. The gesture and act of exchanging gifts are more important than the gift itself.  There are  many siblings that will keep these gifts for years, decades even, as a symbol of the formation of their relationship and one of the first special gifts they ever received. Here are some ideas of gifts to exchange between siblings.

  • Stuffed Animals: A matching set of stuffed animals or two separate ones. One could be bigger, to represent the older sibling. Here are a few that we thought were sweet:

  • Books for before the baby is born and after the baby is born to introduce and reinforce their new important role in the family.

  • Framed Photos: Have a couple of frames ready and once you snap the first photo of your two children together, get them printed and put them in the frames.

  • T-Shirts: You can find some really cute big brother/big sister and little brother/little sister t-shirts and onesies out there. Better yet you could make your own at home.

  • Pick out something you know your child is really interested in. Whether it’s a movie character or a specific game, if they received something from the new baby that they already have a connection with, it will may be more meaningful.

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