Preparing Boys To Be a Big Brother. Let’s step it up!



As we discussed in our previous post, we are consistently selling more of the Big Sister book versus the Big Brother book. We also noticed that authors of similar books, geared towards families preparing for their next baby, are selling more books for sisters than for brothers. This led us to the question, were families more likely to spend more time preparing their daughters for a new sibling than their sons?

Over the course of the last several decades the traditional roles within families have shifted. Women used to be the primary caregivers when it came to raising children, but these days fathers have become much more involved, with parents often sharing the child rearing responsibilities. This means, it’s just as important to start to instill the characteristic, understanding and responsibilities of being a care giver from the first opportunity, even if they are very young.

Science shows that boys and girls are biologically predisposed to learn in different ways. The Huffington Post discussed in  just this topic in the article “How Boys and Girls Learn Differently”, stating, ” Boys pick up less social cues than their female counterparts, while girls make more serotonin and oxytocin, so they are calmer and more interested in emotional connection. Boys mature more slowly than girls and girls have more of their cerebral cortex defined for verbal function.” Could this be the reasons we are not preparing our sons the same way as we prepare our daughters? Do we feel that boys aren’t ready to understand this new concept or take on more responsibilities?

While many people would still argue that men and women are not treated equally in our society, one big impact we can make as parents is seeing our sons and daughters as equals when it comes to being a big sibling. Even if introducing this concept to your little guy seems overwhelming when they are young, it is so important for us to do. We are raising our societies future fathers. Fathers that are more involved in their children’t lives than ever. Let’s help prepare them.


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