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Stronger, Closer Family Relationships Including Big Brother

Sam's mommy is pregnant and he’s going to be a brother. In I'm Going to Be a Big Brother!, Sam learns about preparing for the new baby's arrival and what it truly means to be a big brother. He is excited to discover that it will be one of the most important roles in his life.

Designed for parent-child education and development, this delightful and insightful children’s book is perfect for those who care about building meaningful family relationships. I’m Going to Be a Big Brother! also features cheerful children's music to enhance the story’s message.

Add Depth to Your Family Dynamics

Healthy family dynamics have far-reaching effects. I’m Going to Be a Big Brother! equips parents to communicate with young male children in a supportive, caring, appreciative way. At the same time, this colorful tale helps a boy in a family learn right along with Sam what he’ll need to know to be a big brother, including:

  • How to prepare for when his parents have to be temporarily absent from him while at the hospital
  • Who will be with him when the baby is born
  • How important his new role in the family will be
  • When it’s okay to pick up the baby
  • Why he should wash his hands
  • Which toys are safe for babies and which are dangerous

The book also contains a handy tip sheet with detailed suggestions for supporting soon-to-be big brothers, as well as a download link to “Watch Me Baby, Watch Your Brother,” a catchy, joyful song that celebrates the bond between big brothers and their new baby brother or sister.

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A boy’s contribution to family dynamics matters. Winner of the iParenting and Mom’s Choice Awards, I’m Going to Be a Big Brother! inspires boys’ interest in having another baby in the family and shows that they can be caregivers too.

Give your young son or relative an early start on knowledge and skills that strengthen family relationships. Order your copy today!

Brenda Bercun

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