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"I love the book I'm Going to be a Big Brother. I was given this as a gift and that first night home I read it to my son he was able to understand what the book was saying and showing him by looking at the pictures. My son is 2-1/2 years old and when he saw the picture of the side of the belly looking in at the baby he pointed to my belly and said that is my brother. After we were done reading I put the CD in that went along with the book and it has been a big hit in our house ever since; my son knows all the words and sings along he loves it. Thank you for writing such a helpful teaching guide for my child."

Annabelle Naber


"My six year old daughter enjoyed this book immensely. Reading the book with me, she feels included and enthusiastic. We have read it many, many times.

I was so pleased to find a book that addressed all the issues I thought were important in a way that my daughter could understand and appreciate.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to any family expecting a new sibling.

Thank you, Brenda, for creating such a valuable resource for growing families and for initiating a fun way for children to express their own questions and imaginings about their new brothers and sisters.

Alison Keany Gallo

"This book provides an excellent way to not only introduce siblings to their new baby brother or sister but it also lets them feel like they are involved instead of feeling left out. A must read."

Barry Shain


"As a hospital Perinatal and Health Educator I come across many pregnant couples, and issues about siblings often come up in the course of classes I teach. I'm so relieved to finally have such a wonderful book to recommend to them.

In these books, the language in conversations between parent and child is wonderful for parents to model, so that they can take cues for healthy interaction around pregnancy and delivery. Explanations of the birth process seem to be just the right amount of information, and the language, although clinically accurate, is in my opinion not in the least offensive to even the most delicate sensibilities.

Suggestions such as gentle touch, safe toys, sharing and teaching the newborn sibling are very thoughtfully phrased. Discussion about the real-life issue of parents leaving for the hospital and being absent for a period of time, including what who will care for them, helps prepare youngsters for what might otherwise be a confusing and frightening time.

The images are engaging and colorful, and give the child an opportunity to use the pictures as metaphors for their own imagination in "thought balloons" (such as the couple in the hospital holding the baby and telling the child on the phone about the birth of the baby). The announcement "You're a big sister/brother" is a perfect way to let the child know the baby has been born, and to help the child celebrate with the parents, at the same time making him or her feel included and important. What a lovely way to help set up families for future healthy sibling relationships. I'm so pleased that this book is finally available!"

Georgia Montgomery

Teacher: Childbirth Preparation,
Newborn Care, Breastfeeding,
Infant/Child CPR
At UCSF, California Pacific Medical Center
and Kaiser Hospitals

"In reviewing numerous books I found “I'm Going to be a Big Brother/Sister!” to be the most useful in covering the topics most important during the expecting stage. I tested it out with my Sibling Prep Class and with my Grandchild. Terrific!

The young sibling needs to know what is happening to him/her. The sibling needs to know how s/he fits into this new family dynamic. This book encourages self-esteem. This book creates opportunities for the expression of feelings as well as questions.

This book reveals the truth - that a baby doesn't come out riding a bicycle but the sibling can be instrumental in the baby learning and babies can be fun - Listen to the song for evidence of that! This book may be read cover to cover for older children and in stages for younger children. Knowledge of this wonderful change in the child's life assists them to adjust and adapt to both what is hard about having a new baby in the family as well as the joys a new baby brings."

Joyce Oglesbee

Sibling Preparation Instructor
El Camino Hospital

"I really enjoyed reading these books. My children are now grown, but I could have used this advice 20 years ago when my 3 year old was overtaken by a brother and a sister at once. But be sure, that when I find a parent who is having a second child, this will become my signature present."

Judy Berger

Mother of 3

"I was thrilled with both children's books. As an early childhood educator I believe that when parents spend time sharing these books with their child(ren), the sibling will become part of the exciting experience of bringing a new baby into the family. I have bought these books as gifts for friends and colleagues (new parents) expecting their second child. "

Norene Lieberman

Early Childhood Educator

“I’m Going to be a Big Sister!” and “I’m Going to be a Big Brother!” are well-written books, complete with colorful drawings. It covers everything from when to begin discussing the new baby to a catchy song that will have your little one singing and dancing around. Brenda discusses the changes that will take place as the family gets ready for the new addition: toys and baby clothes will be unpacked, Mommy’s belly will grow, and a simplistic explanation and drawing of how the baby will come out is even included. The issue of who will care for your daughter or son while Mom’s in the hospital is addressed. And the announcement “You’re a big sister!” or “You’re a big brother!” is the perfect way to start a loving sibling relationship where the emphasis is on how the older child has the important role of being a teacher to the new baby. Preparing, including, and empowering your older child will go a long way to set the stage for a positive sibling relationship.

If you want to help your daughter or son get ready for the changes to come in a thoughtful way, and set the stage for a healthy relationship between your children, this book is a must read!"

Sue Johnson

Heartstrings Press

"The books, "I'm Going to be a Big Sister!" and "I'm Going to be a Big Brother!" are huge hits in my OB/GYN office and amongst the friends and family that I have given them to as gifts. Universally these books have been very well received. I am so pleased to have found a book that addresses the issue of preparing a child for the birth of a sibling as well as these books do. I highly recommend these books to all expectant families who are awaiting the birth of their next child."

Stephen Bearg M.D.

Obstetrician/ Gynecologist

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